National Popular Vote

If you think the Popular Vote is a good idea, think again.

Governor Polis signed SB-042 into law, making Colorado the 13th State to betray its voters. We are now a part of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

What does this mean?

Colorado’s Electoral Delegates will soon be voting for whomever wins the National Popular Vote. For the most part, California and New York will now decide who wins the presidency. In essence, Jared Polis has silenced your voice as a Colorado voter. Polis and his administration have decided to speak for you.

It shouldn’t surprise you, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact movement is receiving huge amounts of funding by far left wing activists such as George Soros

What can we do?

There is a group of concerned citizen taking on the task of a referendum, and a petition is being circulated. The petition is to get the issue of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact on the ballot. This is an issue on which WE THE PEOPLE should decide!

Stay tuned for updates!