Oil & Gas Bill (Passed)

Last November, Coloradans went to the ballot box and soundly defeated Proposition 112, an anti-Oil & Gas industry measure which would have had a disastrous impact on the Colorado economy, effectively banning new drilling permits and placing strangling new regulations on the industry. Because our ultra-liberal Colorado lawmaking majority feels they know better what’s good for our state, they set out again to subvert our voice, and with the help of Jared Polis, penned SB19-181.

This bill was signed into law on April 16th, 2019 and with that signature, Jared Polis essentially threw up his middle finger to the voters of Colorado and severely gutted a $31 million industry. An industry that provides $700 million to Colorado schools and colleges through taxes paid.

Around 200,000 people will be affected by this law, and the new regulations it contains. This will have a negative impact on our economy, and thousands of Colorado residents will either be forced to find different work, or move out of the area to more “fossil fuel friendly” states such as Wyoming, North Dakota or Utah.

It has been shown that more than $13.5 billion will be lost in tax revenue in Colorado in just ten years’ time, and potentially more than $250 billion in lost GDP growth in the same time frame.