Sexual Education in Schools

HB 1032, Colorado’s Radical Sex Education Bill

This bill will allow school districts to teach our children about the “birds and the bees” in a way far beyond anything we experienced as kids. From as early as the third grade, children could be taught about LGBTQ lifestyle. This radical sexual education can offer suggestive content that would make a child question their sexuality AND gender. In older grades, kids will learn about pleasuring a partner, different types of birth control and creative barrier methods to protect from STDs.

In yet another attack on our freedoms in Colorado, this bill seeks to expand on the indoctrination students already experience in the Colorado Public School System. Disregarding the concerns of parents, HB 1032 will begin to introduce controversial social issues into the standard curriculum in our schools. Due to religious connotations, abstinence would not be taught.

HB 1032 also overrides local control of school districts, forcing this radical version of sexual education down the throats of every public school, including charter schools. Specific language in the bill requires an “all or nothing” approach — not even a simple sex education program that’s purely biology based.

This bill should be particularly worrisome for school boards. Our Colorado Constitution specifically grants local school boards the authority to instruction in the public schools of their respective districts.

HB 1032 is another example of how the State Legislature knows better than the people of Colorado, particularly the parents of young children and locally elected boards.