Single-Payer Health Care

It’s important for all to understand this.

We are working with State and County organizations to help translate single payer healthcare bills into Spanish so the information also reaches the Latino communities. Make no mistake, minority communities will be the most affected and immediately impacted! Yet they are the least informed on the situation. As we continue to listen to what hospital executives are saying, we are realizing it is much worse than we thought. We are committed to standing against a socialized healthcare system.


Proposal For Affordable Health Coverage Option

What this bill means for the people of Colorado

This is thinly veiled first step toward single payer health care in Colorado. This is a huge government expansion in the realm of healthcare. There is no indication in the bill as to how the assembly plans to pay for this, at this point it only an exploratory committee, but it is doubtful that they won’t find a way to start the program. This does have both Republican (M. Catlin) and Democrat Sponsors.

When I think of socialized healthcare, I immediately remember the story of baby Charlie Gard. Charlie Gard was born with a rare genetic condition and spent his few short months of life living in the hospital. Charlie was not thriving in the hospital and his parents wanted to bring him to the United States to try an alternative therapy.

However, because their hospital system is socialized, the hospital refused to let Charlie go and denied the baby of the treatment even though it could have helped him thrive. The parent’s sued the hospital and it went to trial. The Court then ruled that the hospital had the right to make the decisions for Charlie and that children belong to the state. Then, baby Charlie died in that cold and cruel hospital.

That, my friends, is what socialized care is. If we allow socialized healthcare to creep in and start taking over, the next thing you know, we will have no rights and be left with no resources. Cost of care will go up. Quality of care will go down.