Taxpayer Bill of Rights

The TABOR Amendment was approved and is intended to limit the amount of revenue the State of Colorado may retain and spend. Excess “revenue” in the form of tax refunds were to be given back to Colorado’s taxpaying citizens.

In typical fashion, legislators now want to make a 2005 ballot initiative, whereby tax refunds were avoided for a 5-year period, permanent.

What these lawmakers fail to recognize, both with TABOR and other money grabbing schemes and tax hikes, is this excess revenue is ours. This is money taken from us every paycheck. It is not a gift, and it is not theirs to do with as they please. This is just another workaround and slap in the face to every Colorado citizen who pays state income taxes.

It should be pointed out, Assistant House Minority Leader Kevin Van Winkle called TABOR “an important safeguard against government overreach” in a statement opposing the ballot proposal.