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Thugs at Colorado Springs Polis Town Hall assault grassroots activist, LaDonna Roberts.

What the heck happened?

On May 4th, Governor Polis held a “Town Hall” at Sierra High School in Colorado Springs. ORCGJP Volunteer LaDonna Robertson was in attendance with her 10 year-old granddaughter. She had just undergone back surgery to remove some cancer the Wednesday prior to this event. In typical town hall fashion, the governor was to take questions from both supporters, and opposition. However, those opposing Polis were not allowed to ask their questions, and Polis left the stage 45 minutes ahead of schedule, thus ending the town hall.

Chaos ensues…

As a result of Polis’ abrupt exit, the opposition began booing, and shouting, “RECALL! RECALL!”. After which, LaDonna raised a bandana she had painted with our logo. Moments later, a hired security guard approached LaDonna and without provocation, grabbed her left arm and began pulling her toward the aisle. She fell over her granddaughter and began wailing in pain, believing the force of the security guard pulling her down had opened her surgical site. The security guard was later fired.

Really dude?

It’s clear, the actions of this security guard were completely unwarranted, and a violation of LaDonna’s rights.

Click the link below, and listen to LaDonna Robertson tell her story.


An Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis volunteer, LaDonna Robertson, was assaulted at a Jared Polis Colorado Springs Town Hall by a security guard!
Mandy Connell Show 04/29/2019


Karen Murray in studio on the Mandy Connell Show 04/29/2019! Karen is well versed on being on air and has been on the Mandy Connell show as an instructor for the NRA!
In studio on the Mandy Connell Show with Juli-Andra Fuentes, Chair of the Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis 04/29/2019. Mandy Connell expertly covers the recall Polis topic and has callers call in to ask questions. Special surprise caller –John Caldera with the Independence Institute!


Listen to Juli-Andra and Karen take on the topic of recall with Dan Caplis on 630 KHOW!


On April 22, 2019, Juli-Andra Fuentes and Karen Murray went on the Peter Boyles show. Peter welcomed the Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis grassroots recall organization and offered common sense and support.


KKCO, Grand Junction


Complete Colorado, Sherrie Peif interviews Juli-Andra on the recall Polis efforts at the Grand Opening of the Longmont office in Boulder County, located at 410 Main St.

Making national news!