Category: Issues That Matter

National Popular Vote

If you think the Popular Vote is a good idea, think again. Governor Polis signed SB-042 into law, making Colorado


Taxpayer Bill of Rights The TABOR Amendment was approved and is intended to limit the amount of revenue the State

Single-Payer Health Care

It’s important for all to understand this. We are working with State and County organizations to help translate single payer

Sexual Education in Schools

HB 1032, Colorado’s Radical Sex Education Bill This bill will allow school districts to teach our children about the “birds

Red Flag Bill

HB 19-1177 – Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) or “Red Flag” This unconstitutional law allows for anyone with whom you’ve

Sanctuary State Bill

HB-1124 “Sanctuary State” By signing this bill into law, Jared Polis has officially deemed Colorado a “sanctuary state” for illegals

Oil & Gas Bill (Passed)

Last November, Coloradans went to the ballot box and soundly defeated Proposition 112, an anti-Oil & Gas industry measure which