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To Contact Colorado Governor Jared Polis, call (303) 866-2471

Or share your comments here on the Governor’s Website. 

Colorado State Senate

DistrictParty AffiliationEmailWork Phone
1R– Jerry Sonnenbergsenatorsonnenberg@gmail.com303-866-6360
2R– Dennis
3D– Leroy
4R– Jim Smallwoodsenatorsmallwood@gmail.com303-866-4869
5D– Kerry
6R– Don
7R– Ray
8R– Bob
9R– Paul
10R– Owen
11D– Pete
12R– Bob
13R– John
14D– Joann Ginaljoannginal@yahoo.com303-866-4841
15R– Rob
16D– Tammy
17D– Mike
18D– Stephen
19D– Rachel Zenzigersenatorrachelz@gmail.com303-866-4840
20D– Jessie
21D– Dominick
22D– Brittany
23R– Vicki
24D– Faith
25R– Kevin Priolakpriola@gmail.com303-866-4855
26D– Jeff
27R– Jack
28D– Nancy
29D– Rhonda
30R– Chris
31D– Lois
32D– Robert
33D– Angela
34D– Julie
35R– Larry

Colorado State House of Representatives

DistrictParty AffiliationEmailWork Phone
1D– Susan
2D– Alec
3D– Meg
4D– Serena
5D– Alex
6D– Chris
7D– James
8D– Leslie
9D– Emily
10D– Edie
11D– Jonathan
12D– Sonya Jaquez
13D– KC
14R– Shane
15R– Dave
16R– Larry
17D– Tony
18D– Marc
19R– Tim
20R– Terri
21R– Lois
22R– Colin
23D– Chris
24D– Monica
25D– Lisa
26D– Dylan
27D– Brianna
28D– Kerry
29D– Tracy Kraft-Tharpreptracy29@gmail.com303-866-2950
30D– Dafna Michaelson
31D– Yadira
32D– Adrienne
33D– Matt Graymatt@matthewgray.us303-866-4667
34D– Kyle
35D– Shannon
36D– Mike
37D– Tom
38R– Susan
39R– Mark
40D– Janet
41D– Jovan
42D– Dominique
43R– Kevin Van
44R– Kim
45R– Patrick
46D– Daneya
47D– Bri
48R– Stephen Humphreyrephumphrey48@yahoo.com303-866-2943
49R– Perry Buckperrybuck49@gmail.com303-866-2907
50D– Rochelle
51R– Hugh
52D– Cathy
53D– Jeni
54R– Matt
55R– Janice
56R– Rod
57R– Perry
58R– Marc
59D– Barbara
60R– James Wilsonrepresentativewilson@gmail.com303-866-2747
61D– Julie
62D– Donald
63R– Lori
64R– Kimmi
65R– Rod