Official Recall Polis. Save Colorado. Thank you for caring about Colorado!

Jared Schutz Polis is quite probably one of the worst things to ever happen to the State of Colorado! We the People – COMMIT TO RECALL!

Not surprisingly, tens of thousands of concerned Coloradans are demanding to recall Polis immediately. Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis is a grassroots organization with one goal in mind – to recall Polis! Our private membership group on Facebook now has over 40,000 Colorado citizens that have had enough of corrupt politicians ruining our state!

OfficialRecallPolis.com is your OFFICIAL RECALL HEADQUARTERS for 2019.

To accomplish this, we need volunteers and volunteer coordinators and organizers from all 64 counties of the state. We must work as a team, and fine tune our game plan. Colorado is a big state, and communication will be key! Join your county Facebook group, and contact a page administrator with your desire to help!

By committing to support this recall effort today, you are playing a vital role in helping to save our beautiful state of Colorado. We will have a very short window to collect 631,266 signatures and we will need to be very efficient and coordinated.

Just by being here today, you are speaking volumes! However, we must grab our megaphones and shout from the rooftops! Make your voices heard, talk to people in your communities about this recall, and let’s DO THIS!