Recall 411

A little more “dirt” from the “grassroots”….Are you angry? What is happening in Colorado that has you spitting fire?

Sometimes, we all just need to vent, and Jared Polis gives us all something to vent about! Here is your sounding board! We would love to hear what you all are thinking about this recall and about this governor! (Keep it clean people!)

Here are a couple of informative documents that may answer any questions you may have about the status of this recall, why there are splinter groups, and about our journey so far:

3 thoughts on “Recall 411”

  1. Dean Van Zandt says:

    Thos Governor is a tyrant, not only has he gone against Colorado’s interests he also actively went against the US constitution. We need to remove this tyrant by any means necessary

  2. Karen Mitchell says:

    I am writing to kindly ask you to join up with the other 2 recall petition groups so we can get this job done. If any one of the 3 groups doesn’t get enough signatures the signatures you get will be tossed out the door. SO any 3 or all 3 may be negated due to insufficient signatures. If all 3 of you work together, we can get this done. If any of you have a reason not to work with the others, please tell me what it is. Thank you.

    1. Karen Murray says:

      UPDATE: You may be wondering about the status of our recall, and if we’re going to be filing on July 8th. Here’s what’s going on…. As some of you many know, our opposition group who splintered off from us in late March has been emailing their list of people telling everyone they have “petition wording approved” and that they’re filing under Dismiss Polis, a “neutral 3rd party” who filed an issue committee on June 17th.

      I know you’re eager to sign anything to get this tyrant out of office. Me too! But let me start by saying, the petition from Dismiss, if indeed filed, will go nowhere. NOWHERE. It will fail in spectacular fashion. Even if we all decided to abandon ORCGJP and run to the people who tried to destroy our movement, it would still fail – colossally!

      If this effort, that began with ORCGJP back at the end of February, had stayed as a whole, and built steam, money and people, didn’t have a fractured mess caused by Tom Good, had been able to successfully garner big money contributors and keep on a straight track of public awareness, we MAY have been ready to file at this time.

      But instead, we have these late-comer groups, one of whom tried to hijack this whole effort, stole $13,000 from ORCGJP members, continually lobbed arrows over the bow of our ship, took down our website under false pretenses, lied about and slandered us to the media, tried to recruit our members, and the list goes on and on. Now this “neutral” group (Dismiss) that’s not “neutral” at all and has been donating to Good’s PAC and are members of their group. Neutral?

      We are not ready to file. We do NOT want two petitions floating around Colorado. So if Dismiss does file, we have to wait it out and watch it burn. We have no choice. This petition, to be successful, will need to amass 12,000+ signatures each and every day, for 60 days! We believe at this time, they are trying to force our hand to file, and that’s simply not happening.

      This task is so much bigger and more difficult than most people can even imagine. If a petition gets filed, and shows a chance of being successful, Polis is going to come at us with both barrels, and it’s going to get really ugly. We will not file until our army is stockpiled with everything we need to WIN.

      So, in closing, obviously we can’t make you withhold your signature on any petition you see. That’s your choice. Just be aware that if you put your pen to their premature, failing petition, you can’t sign another one that has a shot.

      Choose wisely.

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