How a Recall Works

The scope of a statewide recall is monumental, and the recall of a sitting governor is something that’s only been done a handful of times in the United states. A governor has never been recalled in the state of Colorado!

Why is this important? We want you to have all the facts, and understand how challenging this will be. The more facts you know, the more you can share with others. Knowledge is power, and in order to make this recall a success, we will truly need “All hands on deck!”

Since we are a grassroots effort, powered by no one other than the great people of the State of Colorado, we will need your help. We don’t have a fancy “PAC”, we don’t have D.C. hacks or political operatives running the show. We the People are leading the charge in this historic recall of a very wealthy and powerful man.

So how does a recall Election work?