Recall FAQ

A recall is a legal process where citizens can remove and replace an elected official prior to the next election cycle. The difference between a recall and impeachment is that impeachment is conducted by congress and a recall is conducted by the citizens. There are only 19 states that allow for recalls to happen and, in the state of Colorado, there have only been two elected officials that were successfully recalled in 2013Colorado Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron were recalled on September 10.

We seek to recall Polis, the current Governor of Colorado, because he has proven to be unstable and is a tyrant bent on destroying Colorado jobs and killing our economy with strangling regulations. Polis is doing everything he can to squash Coloradans Constitutional rights by signing into law gun-grabbing nonsensical measures meant to disarm law-abiding citizens. With every bill he sign into law, we lose more freedom and more and more jobs. Our children are at risk with his radical sex education and indoctrination act. Our parenting rights are at risk with his radical healthcare and vaccine mandates. Our ability to be safe in our own homes, free from unreasonable search and seizure, are at risk as he strips away our right to own firearms.

The Governor of Colorado has such a radical agenda that he has even decided to give our electoral college votes to the National Popular Vote. This means we will no longer have a voice in the Presidential Election. If you think this is good because you don’t like Trump, you should know that Obama won with the same system. The bills Polis has signed into law violate our Bill of Rights, which was not written to give us rights, but were written to observe the rights we born with. The rights given to us by our creator. Therefore, We The People are exercising our rights as citizens and recalling Governor Jared Polis. Jared Polis bought his way into the Governor seat but his money and power does not compare to the power of We The People. He does not represent the voice of Coloradans and we are taking our state back.

How a Recall Works

Organizing and completing a statewide recall election is no easy task. In fact, it has never been done before in Colorado. While organizing within the grassroots proves to be a challenging ordeal by itself, navigating the intricacies of the recall...

Dates Important to the Recall in 2019

The following dates are important to the recall of Governor Jared Polis July 8, 2019 – This is the very earliest date which an official recall can begin for Jared Polis.

About Official Recall Polis

Juli-Andra Fuentes - President Juliandra Fuentes President Juli-Andra was born and raised in Colorado. She was inspired by her father Joseph Fuentes who was the Editor of the Rocky Mountain News, and President of the Denver Press Club when...

Commonly Asked Questions

Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis is a grassroots organization ran by volunteer citizens of Colorado who are not beholden to a party line but rather for the love of Freedom, Liberty and Colorado. Our group consists of Independents, Republicans,...