Rocky Mountain Heist

Below is a video titled “Rocky Mountain Heist” which was produced by Michelle Malkin and her team at Citizens United which details how Jared Polis and a small team of fellow millionaires teamed up to complete one of the most rapid and radical transformations of a state’s political culture in history.

This video, based mostly off the book “The Blueprint – How the Democrats Won Colorado and Why Republicans EVERYWHERE Should Care”, co-written by Adam Schraeger and Rob Witwer, carefully details how Jared Polis and his “Gang of Four” carefully plotted this takeover.

Dozens of so-called experts rushed in to get their face in front of the camera and star in this video. But keep in mind it was many of those same individuals whose complacency gave the Gang of Four a massive head start, and by the time their plan was discovered, it was already too late to stop it.

Now, Jared Polis is the Governor of Colorado, and back by a radically liberal legislature, he is passing unpopular bills at an unprecedented pace which have negative impacts on every single resident of our State.