We must take back Colorado NOW! Freedom and Liberty is nothing to take for granted. Our Recall was HIJACKED so it could be replaced with an IMPOSTER recall to divert the only means we have to be a part of the political process. Make no mistake, THIS WAS BY DESIGN and the GOP’s role was absolutely crucial to the recall failure. No, that does not make me a Democrat. I am a true conservative not bound by a political party and I believe in FREEDOM. The Republicans in Colorado have not only failed the conservative cause, they have ABANDONED ALL THAT WE STAND FOR. Now that the dust is beginning to settle, “they” are STILL DISCREDITING US across social media platforms, yet anyone with two connecting brain cells can see how they used the petition filing to undermine the recall process. “They” (They being Resist Polis PAC, Recall Et ALL, and Dismiss Polis (aka Tom Good, Korry Lewis, Alan Gentz, Marjorie Klein, Kristina Finley, Inca Marcel, & company) filed a petition to undermine the true grassroots effort and did an incredible job helping to EMPOWER POLIS. Why would they do that??? DO THEY WORK FOR POLIS?!?! Why would they say they want to recall Polis but then do everything possible to derail the recall??? Since then, the GOP, who backed these jerks, have helped several other recalls FAIL BY DESIGN using the same blueprint they used when they STOLE OUR MOVEMENT. The most recent being the petition to recall Leroy Garcia where those that pulled the petition didn’t even bother to pretend like they tried and turned in only 4 (FOUR) valid signatures. Blatant mockery! And by turning in those signatures, no further attempts can be made against Mr. Garcia this term Again, why would they do that?!?! There would be no other reason then to SILENCE COLORADO CITIZENS FROM EXERCISING THEIR VOICE!

We need your help to expose these traitorous bastards. We are limited in what we can do as our resources are limited and our time is limited because we all work and need to support our families. Still, we are willing to stand up and fight, and together we can send a loud and clear message –We’re not gonna take it!

Who is Tom Good? Is he a conservative? Well, we know he worked at the Independence Institute and was fired for theft of data. How do we know that? Well, listen to the Mandy Connell show we were on and you can hear for yourself what Jon Caldera says about Tom was and then check out the police report.

Mandy Connell Show – Our segment starts at 32:45

Chris Morrissey calls in under the name “John” at 57:44 Jon Caldera calls in at 63:43 and responds to Chris Morronisey.

We also know that Tom Good runs a PAC called Clean Up Congress that raised money to run AGAINST Republican Doug Lamborn.

You can see the PAC Clean Up Congress went AGAINST Republicans & Doug Lamborn –  Would a conservative do that?
Screenshot of Tom Goods LinkedIn page – notice his PAC is Clean Up Congress?
Our Official Recall Polis website was taken down on May 24th, 2019 for a false claim made by Resist Polis actors, Tom Good, Korry Lewis, and Chris Moronissey. Korry Lewis, an attorney and whose mother was Kimmie Lewis, a state representative for District 64 in CO, has many connections. At the time, we did not get to face our accusers, were denied even knowing who made the claim, and was even denied access to our website to remedy any such claims!!! To add insult to injury, Resist Polis PAC did not report this expense to the Secretary of State until well after (as you will see next) to avoid scrutiny and to keep pushing the narrative that they wanted to work with us but we refused because we had “ego” issues. As we can now see, the narrative they pushed simply was not true. Further, the day before our website went down (down the whole Memorial Day weekend), we had just sent a letter to John Elway to ask if he would consider running for Governor. If he looked us up, our website was down!!!
The expenditure outlined in red shows Resist Polis paid the attorney that took down our website. They reported this in AUGUST but the expense was made in MAY. The expenditures highlighted in yellow, were paid antagonists and infiltraitors. Renee Scott, listed here as Jessica, spent hours on the phone with me pretending to be with me and for the cause. Inca Marcel, listed here as Inca Fontenot, spent countless hours slandering us on FB of which there are plenty of screenshots to prove this. Why would they do this if they wanted to “work” with us??? Kristina Finley was also paid to slander us & divide our group by causing confusion and deflecting onto us what they were actually doing. Finley & Marcel started up again right when session started (not suspicious at all) &, from Finley’s posts on FB, she seems to be outraged because we gave money to some of our members who worked really hard during the recall. Meanwhile, she herself got paid!!! How can a person be outraged at someone else for doing what they themselves do??? Starting to get the picture on how this whole deception thing works?
The the website they claimed we copied content was actually our website and we trademarked the name. How did this happen you might ask? Basically we were hoodwinked. In March, Tom Good claimed to be our ally and we gave him a key role in our organization to help raise funds for us and to manage the website. He purchased the website with our consent (after all, we thought he was genuine) using money we raised within our private group. Then he absconded with the money, data and the website.
May 4th, I recieved this message from a supporter via FB Messenger proving that Inca Marcel was spreading disinformation and doing everything she could to push the narrative that they tried working with us but that we were not willing and plants the seed that we were not working for Colorado.
A bogus complaint made against us by a woman named Donna Marie Grimes. A quick FB search led us right to Inca Marcel. See next screenshot.
The complaint made against us by Donna Marie Grimes to the Secretary of State June 12, 2019 links back to Inca Marcel (Fontenot). Inca claims to want to recall the governor, Jared Polis, and “UNITE” with the Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis Issue Committee, yet was constantly attacking our grassroots effort by relentlessly slandering us on social media and even getting freinds to file bogus complaints against us with the Secretary of State. Inca is well-versed in “The Art of Deception”.
Here Inca claims to want to “unite” with us while calling us fearmongers, though infact they were creating fear by telling The People there was going to be 2 petitions . We were the FIRST Issue Committee & there was no reason for Resist Polis (an IEC) to break off from us, create Recall Et All (Issue Committee) and then get Dismiss Polis (a NOT NEUTRAL 3rd party to start yet another Issue Committee) to run the petition. – Communist Subversion Tactics 101 – Create a problem, cause confusion, division, and then create a “solution” to the problem you created. Notice who Inca mutual freinds include? Notice who is running a “recall” again in 2020???

FakeNews media has been crying that Official misused funds because we paid people for their hard work. News anchors, radio hosts and paid “confusion crafters” have painted us to be unethical and have even accused us of being grifters, embezzlers, liars and thieves. Yet these same actors have refused to look at Resist Polis PAC expenditures which has paid out much, much more then we have and at a much higher percentage based on contributions collected. The contract services we paid out to members for work performed was in the range of about 17% of total funds raised whereas Resist Polis PAC paid out contractors to the tune of about 60%+. But yet, no media coverage or outrage on that. Why is that??? Let’s look at one example —> David Munger. Who is David Munger? Well, based on the article “Munger spent 37 years in the professional world working in military intelligence, higher education, marketing and consulting before pivoting to community service” and “Dave Munger will soon retire after leading the Council of Neighbors and Organizations (CONO) since 2007. CONO works to advise and connect around 900 neighborhoods in El Paso and Teller Counties on issues relating to local government, development and elections.” How much did they pay Mr. Munger and why? A source told me they paid Mr. Munger for his work on the failed Sullivan campaign. Wait a second – you mean NOT the Recall Polis Campaign? And how much did they pay him???

The media cried we didn’t use the money for the recall and did everything they could to discredit us but didn’t say one word about how Resist Polis PAC spent their contributions. WHY????
On this report they paid out David Munger $15,000, Bullhorn Communications $14,400, Inca Marcel Marcel Fontenot $1,500 = 67% of what they had raised up to that point. Let’s not forget that $13,000 of that money was OURS and was raised through our FB platform in March when they pretended to be our allies. At the end, they caught up to us in funds raised. However, they only managed to do that by using DECEPTION AND SUBVERSION TACTICS and every penny they raised is because of what they diverted from us or have absconded with from us..

There is SOOOOOOO MUCH MORE but you have to be willing to see and hear the evidence and then WANT to connect the dots. You also have to understand that, if the GOP in CO was good once, it has been infiltrated and now stands for GRAND OL’ PROGRESSIVES who seek to STEAL YOUR FREEDOM. That is why you see Republicans endorsing bills that infringe on all of your rights. Infact, Don Coram (R), endorsed HB19-1032 (aka The Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education House Bill) which is an insane bill designed to sexualize young children! Now, Republicans in CO will say this Bill was “neutered” but nothing could be farther from the truth. While the Bill may be less offensive than it was when it was originally written, make no mistake that this Bill intends to impede on your children’s rights by making it seemingly ok to have adults teach “sexual experiences” to children in schools (under the guise of ‘sex ed” which has nothing to do with Biology or Science)! Others may be afraid to state what that is called but I’m not; when adults groom children in order to sexualize them, it is called PEDOPHILIA!! Neutered?? This Bill not only seeks to groom your children but also seeks to take away your parenting rights so you won’t say NO.

Since January 8th, 2019, Colorado has been under attack from virtually every angle by a sinister and progressive agenda that seeks to enslave the people of our state. Jared Polis Schutz, spent over $23,000,000 to buy the Governorship in Colorado and the Democrats and Republicans with the help of Resist Polis, Dismiss Polis & Recall Et ALL, helped him stay. Polis ran on a platform he never intended to follow and is selling us out to the highest bidder. We have to take a stand to save our state! What is happening in Colorado is also happening across the country. The People need to WAKE UP because manpower is needed if we are to have any chance. The “elected” public servants have let us down, sold us out, & everyone needs to STOP believing they care – They don’t! Our only hope is in GOD not government.


Will we go without a fight?? Absolutely not! Although a statewide elected official had never been recalled in Colorado, never before had we been subject to such blatant aggressive attacks to our freedoms. And, though we lost the battle, we gave them a good run for their money & we learned what is really going on. Now that we know, we need your help. All of us must take a Stand for Colorado now!

Unprecedented actions from 2019…..

Arrogantly, and backed by an equally devious state legislature willing to pass any bill that encroaches on the liberties of Coloradans, Jared Polis is actively destroying Colorado as we know it, one bill at a time. As of June 7th, having only been in office since January 8th, or 150 days, Polis signed into law over 454 liberty stealing and economy killing bills. Already, we’ve seen:

Our Founding Documents matter!

Who can keep up with all this? No one which is how they can get away with so much. Make no mistake, there is a reason for the flood of radical bills, often passed in the dark of night, or even during a blizzard when other government offices were closed. This radical onslaught of legislation is having, and will continue to have, a negative impact on you and your children. It is time to STOP party line voting, and START STANDING UP FOR COLORADO, for COLORADANS, for the Colorado Constitution and for the United States Constitution! The Bill of Rights matter!

We must all come together right now if we are to save our state!

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