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60 Back To The Future Theme Party

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Back to the Future Theme Party


Throwing a theme party is a fantastic way to transport your guests to a different time or era, and what better way to do that than with a Back to the Future theme party? Inspired by the iconic 1980s film trilogy, this party theme will surely delight fans of all ages. From decorations and costumes to food and music, this article will guide you through the steps of planning and hosting an unforgettable Back to the Future theme party.


Set the tone for your Back to the Future theme party by sending out invitations that resemble the time-traveling DeLorean car from the movies. Include phrases like "Get ready to go back in time" and "Join us for a night of '80s nostalgia" to get your guests excited about the upcoming event. You can also consider creating a digital invitation with animated GIFs or video clips from the movies.


Transform your party venue into a scene straight out of the Back to the Future movies with the right decorations. Start by recreating the iconic clock tower from Hill Valley, complete with a lightning bolt suspended above it. Hang up vintage '80s posters, neon lights, and cassette tapes on the walls. Set up a small table with props like hoverboards, flux capacitors, and futuristic gadgets for guests to take photos with. Don't forget to display a life-size cutout of Marty McFly and Doc Brown!


Encourage your guests to come dressed in outfits inspired by the 1980s or the characters from the Back to the Future trilogy. Think denim jackets, leg warmers, neon colors, and big hair for an '80s vibe. For those looking to channel their inner Marty McFly, a red puffer vest, jeans, and a white button-down shirt will do the trick. And of course, someone has to dress up as Doc Brown with a wild white wig, lab coat, and goggles.


Creating the right atmosphere for your Back to the Future theme party is crucial, and music plays a significant role in achieving that. Compile a playlist of popular '80s hits, including songs from the movie soundtracks like "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News and "Back in Time" by Huey Lewis. Encourage your guests to dance and sing along to these nostalgic tunes throughout the night.

Food and Drinks

When it comes to food and drinks, incorporate references to the Back to the Future movies into your menu. Serve "Hoverboard Hot Dogs" with various toppings, "Flux Capacitor Fries" seasoned with different spices, and "Biff's Buffet" featuring an assortment of finger foods. For drinks, create a "DeLorean Punch" with a mix of fruit juices and a splash of soda. Don't forget to label each item with creative Back to the Future-inspired names!


Keep your guests entertained with a variety of activities that pay homage to the Back to the Future trilogy. Set up a mini time machine photo booth where guests can take pictures with props and costumes. Organize a trivia contest with questions about the movies, offering prizes for those who know their Back to the Future facts. You can also screen one or all of the films for a movie marathon during the party.

Back to the Future Movie Marathon

For the die-hard fans of the Back to the Future franchise, hosting a movie marathon is a must. Set up a cozy viewing area with comfortable seating, dimmed lights, and plenty of popcorn. Make sure you have all three movies ready to play back-to-back. Create a schedule so guests can drop in and out of the marathon as they please, ensuring everyone gets a chance to enjoy the films at their own pace.

Time Machine Piñata

What's a party without a piñata? Take the traditional party game up a notch by creating a time machine piñata. Decorate a large papier-mâché or cardboard box to resemble the DeLorean car. Fill it with candy, small toys, and Back to the Future-themed goodies. Let your guests take turns trying to crack it open, adding an element of excitement and surprise to the festivities.

Back to the Future Trivia

Challenge your guests' knowledge of the Back to the Future movies with a trivia game. Prepare a set of questions covering various aspects of the films, such as plot details, character names, and memorable quotes. Divide your guests into teams or have them compete individually. Offer prizes for correct answers or create a leaderboard to track the scores throughout the party.

Time Capsule

Create a time capsule activity that will allow your guests to leave a piece of themselves behind for future generations to discover. Set up a table with blank slips of paper and writing utensils. Ask your guests to write down their predictions for the future or share their favorite memories from the '80s. Collect all the slips and seal them in a container, promising to open it at a future gathering or milestone event.

Photo Booth

A photo booth is a must-have at any themed party, and a Back to the Future theme is no exception. Set up a backdrop that resembles the Hill Valley clock tower or the DeLorean car. Provide props like sunglasses, wigs, and signs with movie quotes. Encourage your guests to strike a pose and create lasting memories. You can also hire a professional photographer to capture the best moments of the evening.

Back to the Future Props

Enhance the authenticity of your Back to the Future theme party by incorporating various props from the movies. Look for replicas of the iconic hoverboard, flux capacitor, sports almanac, or the self-lacing Nike sneakers. Place these props strategically throughout the venue, allowing guests to interact with them and take photos. If you're feeling creative, try making your own props using online tutorials.

Back to the Future Cosplay Contest

If you have a group of friends who enjoy dressing up and showcasing their cosplay skills, consider hosting a Back to the Future cosplay contest. Encourage your guests to go all out with their costumes and accessories. Have a panel of judges or let the guests vote for their favorite cosplay. Award prizes for the most accurate portrayal of a character or the most creative interpretation.

Back to the Future Dance-Off

Get your guests on their feet and dancing with a Back to the Future-themed dance-off. Play a mix of '80s hits and songs from the movie soundtracks. Encourage guests to show off their best dance moves, whether they want to break out the robot, the moonwalk, or do the "Johnny B. Goode" guitar solo dance. Award prizes for the most energetic dancer or the person who can recreate Marty McFly's iconic "Chuck Berry" dance.

Time-Traveling Photo Montage

To add a personal touch to your Back to the Future theme party, create a time-traveling photo montage showcasing memorable moments from your own past. Collect photographs from different periods of your life or your guests' lives and arrange them in chronological order. Play the montage on a screen or project it onto a wall throughout the party to evoke a sense of nostalgia and sentimental reflection.

Back to the Future-Inspired Cocktails

Elevate your party's drink menu by serving a selection of Back to the Future-inspired cocktails. Create a "Flux Capacitor Martini" with vodka, blue curaçao, and lemon juice, garnished with a glowing LED ice cube. Offer a "Hill Valley 1955 Old Fashioned" with bourbon, brown sugar, and orange peel. Get creative with the names and presentation of each drink to add an extra touch of fun to the party.

Back to the Future Karaoke

Unleash your guests' inner rock stars with a Back to the Future karaoke session. Set up a stage area with a microphone and a screen displaying the lyrics to popular '80s songs. Let your guests choose their favorite tunes and sing their hearts out. From power ballads to catchy pop hits, there's no shortage of amazing '80s songs to keep the karaoke session going all night long.

Back to the Future Merchandise

If you want to take your Back to the Future theme party to the next level, consider providing guests with themed merchandise as party favors. Look for officially licensed merchandise like keychains, mini DeLorean cars, or T-shirts featuring the movie logo. You can also get creative and design your own custom merchandise, such as personalized Back to the Future-themed coasters or magnets.


A Back to the Future theme party is an excellent choice for fans of the iconic film trilogy or anyone looking to travel back in time to the '80s. By following the tips and ideas outlined in this article, you can create an unforgettable experience for your guests. From decorations and costumes to activities and music, every aspect of your party should reflect the spirit of the movies. So get ready to go back in time and have a blast!

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