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40 Miss Argentina Beetlejuice Costume

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When it comes to iconic Halloween costumes, the Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice is a top contender. This character, played by the talented actress Patrice Martinez, has become a staple for fans of the cult classic film. If you're looking to channel the beauty and humor of Miss Argentina this Halloween, you're in luck! In this article, we'll guide you through the process of creating a stunning Miss Argentina Beetlejuice costume, from the hair and makeup to the dress and accessories.

Gather Your Materials

Before diving into the costume-making process, it's essential to gather all the necessary materials. Here's a list of what you'll need:

Green Face Paint

To achieve the signature green complexion of Miss Argentina, you'll need a high-quality green face paint. Look for one that is non-toxic and specifically designed for use on the face.

Black Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

Miss Argentina's dramatic eye makeup is a crucial component of her look. Make sure you have a black eyeshadow and eyeliner on hand to create the perfect smoky eye.

Red Lipstick

Complete the glamorous Miss Argentina look with a bold red lipstick. Opt for a long-lasting formula that won't smudge throughout the night.


Unless you have naturally long, curly hair like Miss Argentina, you'll need to invest in a wig. Look for one that matches her vibrant red locks and has a similar curly texture.

Glittery Headband

Miss Argentina is known for her dazzling headband. Find a headband adorned with glitter and jewels to add a touch of sparkle to your costume.

White Ruffled Dress

The centerpiece of the Miss Argentina costume is her stunning white ruffled dress. Look for a dress that features layers of ruffles and a high neckline for an authentic look.


Complete the elegant ensemble with a pair of long white gloves. These will add a touch of sophistication to your costume and help you embody the character of Miss Argentina.

Creating the Makeup Look

Now that you have all your materials ready, it's time to create the iconic Miss Argentina makeup look.


Start by cleansing and moisturizing your face to ensure a smooth canvas for your makeup application. Apply a primer to help your makeup last longer and create a flawless finish.

Green Complexion

Using a damp makeup sponge or brush, apply the green face paint all over your face, blending it evenly. Be sure to cover your neck and ears, as well.

Smoky Eye

Using a black eyeshadow, create a smoky eye effect by applying it to your eyelids and blending it towards the outer corners. Line your upper and lower lash lines with black eyeliner to define your eyes further.

Bold Lips

Apply the red lipstick to your lips, making sure to line them first for a precise application. Fill in your lips with the lipstick, blot with a tissue, and reapply for a long-lasting finish.

Finishing Touches

Set your makeup with a translucent setting powder to prevent any smudging or creasing. Apply a touch of highlighter to your cheekbones, nose, and Cupid's bow to add a subtle glow to your face.

Styling Your Hair

Now that your makeup is complete, it's time to style your hair to match Miss Argentina's iconic look.

Wig Preparation

If you're using a wig, start by combing it gently to remove any tangles. You can also use a wig cap to keep your natural hair in place and ensure a secure fit for the wig.

Curling the Wig

Using a curling iron or hot rollers, curl the wig in small sections to achieve Miss Argentina's voluminous curls. Be careful not to apply too much heat to avoid damaging the wig.

Adding the Headband

Place the glittery headband on top of your wig, positioning it slightly back from your hairline. This will add a glamorous touch and help secure the wig in place.

Putting Together the Costume

With your makeup and hair complete, it's time to assemble the Miss Argentina costume.

Wearing the Dress

Put on the white ruffled dress, ensuring that all the layers are properly aligned. The dress should fit snugly but comfortably, allowing you to move freely throughout the night.

Accessorizing with Gloves

Slide on the long white gloves, extending them up to your elbows. Adjust them as needed to ensure a proper fit and a polished look.

Final Touches

Take a moment to admire your completed Miss Argentina costume in the mirror. Adjust any accessories or makeup as needed to perfect the look.


By following these steps, you'll be able to create a show-stopping Miss Argentina Beetlejuice costume that's sure to turn heads at any Halloween party. Remember to have fun with the process and embrace the humor and beauty of this iconic character. Happy Halloween!

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