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65 Female Loc Mohawk Hairstyles

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Female loc mohawk hairstyles have been gaining popularity in recent years as a bold and edgy choice for women who want to make a statement with their hair. This unique hairstyle combines the versatility of locs with the fierceness of a mohawk, creating a look that is both stylish and empowering. Whether you have natural locs or are considering getting them, this article will explore different variations of the female loc mohawk hairstyle and provide tips and inspiration for rocking this bold look.

The Classic Loc Mohawk

The classic loc mohawk is characterized by a central strip of raised locs running from the forehead to the nape of the neck, while the sides are shaved or closely cropped. This style is perfect for those who want to embrace the mohawk aesthetic while maintaining the unique texture and beauty of their locs.

Styling Tips:

- Start by sectioning off the central strip of locs that will form the mohawk. Use a comb to create a clean and defined parting.

- For added height and volume, consider backcombing or teasing the locs at the roots before securing them in place.

- Use a strong holding gel or wax to keep the locs in place and prevent them from unraveling throughout the day.


- For a softer look, leave a few locs loose on the sides instead of completely shaving or cropping them.

- Add some color to your locs to create a vibrant and eye-catching mohawk. Consider using temporary hair color sprays or semi-permanent dyes to experiment with different shades.

- Experiment with different parting styles, such as a zigzag or diagonal part, to customize your loc mohawk and make it truly unique.

Side Swept Loc Mohawk

If you prefer a more subtle take on the loc mohawk, the side swept variation might be the perfect choice for you. This style features a smaller section of raised locs that is swept to one side, creating a sleek and elegant look.

Styling Tips:

- Start by sectioning off a smaller strip of locs on one side of your head. This strip should be narrower than the classic loc mohawk.

- Use a comb or your fingers to gently sweep the locs to the desired side. You can choose to sweep them all to one side or create a side parting for a more asymmetrical look.

- Secure the locs in place with bobby pins or small hair elastics. Make sure to conceal the pins or elastics by strategically placing them underneath the locs.


- Experiment with different textures by twisting or braiding the side swept locs before securing them in place. This will add an extra dimension to your hairstyle and make it even more eye-catching.

- Add some accessories, such as hair cuffs or beads, to the side swept locs for a touch of personal style and flair.

- Create a faux undercut by shaving or closely cropping the hair on one side of your head. This will add an edgy element to your side swept loc mohawk.

Braided Loc Mohawk

The braided loc mohawk combines the elegance of braids with the boldness of a mohawk. This style is perfect for those who want to experiment with different textures and add intricate details to their locs.

Styling Tips:

- Start by sectioning off the locs that will form the mohawk. These locs should be raised and secured in place using small hair elastics or bobby pins.

- Divide the remaining locs into smaller sections and braid them individually. You can choose to create regular three-strand braids or more intricate braiding patterns, such as cornrows or French braids.

- Secure the braids at the ends using small hair elastics or hair cuffs. Make sure to conceal the elastics or cuffs by tucking them underneath the locs.


- Experiment with different braid sizes and patterns to create a unique and personalized look. You can combine different braiding techniques or opt for larger or smaller braids depending on your preference.

- Add some color to your braids by using colored hair extensions or temporary hair color sprays. This will add a pop of vibrancy to your loc mohawk and make it even more eye-catching.

- Incorporate other hair accessories, such as beads or feathers, into your braided loc mohawk to add an extra element of style and creativity.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a loc mohawk hairstyle requires some extra care and attention to ensure that your locs remain healthy and intact. Here are some tips to help you keep your loc mohawk looking its best:

Regular Washing:

- Wash your locs regularly with a gentle clarifying shampoo to remove any buildup or residue. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to prevent product buildup.

- Avoid using heavy oils or greasy products on your locs, as they can weigh them down and make them appear dull. Opt for lightweight moisturizers or oils specifically designed for locs.

- Consider using a satin or silk pillowcase or a satin bonnet to protect your locs while sleeping. This will help prevent frizz and breakage.

Retwisting and Maintenance:

- Schedule regular retwisting sessions with a professional loctician to ensure that your locs remain neat and well-maintained.

- Avoid excessive manipulation or pulling on your locs, as this can cause breakage or damage. Be gentle when styling or tying up your locs.

- Use a small amount of locking gel or wax when retwisting your locs to help them hold their shape and prevent them from unraveling.

Protective Styling:

- Consider wearing your locs in protective styles, such as updos or braids, to minimize daily manipulation and reduce the risk of breakage.

- Avoid using tight hair elastics or accessories that can put strain on your locs. Opt for looser styles that allow your locs to breathe and move freely.

- If you're experiencing any issues with your locs, such as thinning or breakage, consult with a professional loctician for guidance and advice.


If you're looking for inspiration for your own loc mohawk hairstyle, look no further. Here are some stunning examples of female loc mohawks to inspire your next bold hair transformation:

Celebrity Loc Mohawks:

- Rihanna's iconic loc mohawk at the MET Gala

- Janelle MonĂ¡e's fierce and stylish loc mohawk

- Willow Smith's edgy and youthful loc mohawk

Instagram Influencers:

- @locsbylovelynn's stunning braided loc mohawk

- @locqueensrock's classic loc mohawk with shaved sides

- @locsandlipstick's side swept loc mohawk with pops of color


- Experiment with different hair colors, accessories, or patterns to make your loc mohawk truly unique and reflective of your personal style.

- Don't be afraid to try new techniques or variations to create a loc mohawk that is tailored to your individual taste and personality.


Female loc mohawk hairstyles offer a bold and empowering way to express your personal style and embrace the beauty of your natural locs. Whether you choose the classic loc mohawk, the side swept variation, or the braided loc mohawk, there are endless possibilities for customization and personalization. By following the styling and maintenance tips provided, you can rock this edgy hairstyle with confidence and turn heads wherever you go. So go ahead, embrace your inner fierceness, and unleash the power of the female loc mohawk!

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