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55 Patrick Bateman Wallpaper Iphone

Patrick Bateman American psycho, Christian bale, Psycho wallpaper
Patrick Bateman American psycho, Christian bale, Psycho wallpaper from


Welcome to our blog article on Patrick Bateman wallpaper for iPhone. Patrick Bateman, the iconic character from Bret Easton Ellis' novel "American Psycho" and its subsequent film adaptation, has become a cult figure in popular culture. With his blend of charm, intelligence, and psychopathy, Bateman has fascinated audiences for decades. In this article, we will explore the world of Patrick Bateman wallpapers for iPhone, offering a variety of options for fans to personalize their devices and pay homage to this unforgettable character.

1. Understanding Patrick Bateman

1.1 Who is Patrick Bateman?

Patrick Bateman is the protagonist and anti-hero of Bret Easton Ellis' novel "American Psycho," published in 1991. He is a wealthy investment banker living in 1980s New York City.

1.2 The Character's Significance

Patrick Bateman represents the dark underbelly of American society during the excesses of the 1980s. He embodies the obsession with material wealth, appearance, and status that defined the era.

1.3 Bateman's Popularity

Despite being a deeply disturbed character, Patrick Bateman has captivated audiences with his charismatic and chilling portrayal in the 2000 film adaptation of "American Psycho" by Mary Harron. He has since become an iconic figure in popular culture.

2. The Appeal of Patrick Bateman Wallpaper

2.1 Expressing Individuality

Patrick Bateman wallpaper allows fans to express their love for the character and the themes he represents. It can serve as a form of self-expression and a way to showcase their unique interests.

2.2 Cultivating an Aesthetic

The dark and stylish aesthetic associated with Patrick Bateman can be visually appealing to many. By using Bateman-themed wallpapers, iPhone users can create a cohesive and visually striking home screen.

2.3 Joining a Community

The popularity of Patrick Bateman has led to the formation of a passionate fan community. Utilizing Bateman wallpapers can help fans connect with like-minded individuals and share their enthusiasm for the character.

3. Where to Find Patrick Bateman Wallpapers

3.1 Online Wallpaper Platforms

Websites and platforms dedicated to providing wallpapers for various devices often feature a selection of Patrick Bateman-themed options. Users can browse through these platforms to find wallpapers that suit their preferences.

3.2 Fan Communities and Forums

Online communities and forums focused on Patrick Bateman and "American Psycho" are excellent resources for finding unique and original wallpapers. Fans often share their creations and collaborate on new designs.

3.3 Customization Apps

There are numerous customization apps available for iPhone users that allow them to create their own wallpapers. These apps often feature a wide range of design tools and templates, making it easy to incorporate Patrick Bateman imagery.

4. Choosing the Right Wallpaper

4.1 Consider Your Aesthetic Preferences

When selecting a Patrick Bateman wallpaper, consider your personal aesthetic preferences. Do you prefer minimalist designs or more intricate artwork? Choose a wallpaper that aligns with your taste.

4.2 Incorporating Other Elements

Think about how the Patrick Bateman wallpaper will interact with other elements on your iPhone's home screen, such as app icons and widgets. Ensure that the overall design remains visually appealing and functional.

4.3 Pay Attention to Image Quality

Ensure that the chosen wallpaper has high image quality to avoid pixelation or blurriness. This will ensure a crisp and visually pleasing home screen.

5. Setting Up Patrick Bateman Wallpaper on iPhone

5.1 Save the Wallpaper Image

Once you have chosen the perfect Patrick Bateman wallpaper, save the image to your iPhone's camera roll or a designated folder for easy access during the setup process.

5.2 Access Wallpaper Settings

On your iPhone, go to the "Settings" app and navigate to the "Wallpaper" section. This is where you can customize your device's wallpaper settings.

5.3 Choose the Wallpaper

Within the Wallpaper settings, select the option to choose a new wallpaper. This will allow you to browse your saved images and select the Patrick Bateman wallpaper you want to use.

5.4 Adjust Position and Scale

Once you have chosen the wallpaper, you can adjust its position and scale to fit your iPhone's screen. This step ensures that the wallpaper is displayed correctly and looks visually appealing.

5.5 Set as Wallpaper

After making any necessary adjustments, select the option to set the chosen Patrick Bateman wallpaper as your iPhone's home screen, lock screen, or both. Enjoy your personalized device!

6. Changing Patrick Bateman Wallpapers

6.1 Regularly Update Your Wallpaper

Changing your Patrick Bateman wallpaper periodically can help keep your iPhone's home screen fresh and exciting. Consider updating it to coincide with special occasions or your evolving interests.

6.2 Explore New Designs

Continuously explore new Patrick Bateman wallpaper designs to find fresh and unique options. This will ensure that your device's aesthetic remains dynamic and reflects your evolving taste.

6.3 Engage with the Community

Stay connected with the Patrick Bateman fan community to discover new wallpaper designs and learn about emerging trends. Engaging with the community can provide inspiration and foster a sense of belonging.


Patrick Bateman wallpaper for iPhone offers fans a unique opportunity to express their love for the character and the themes he represents. With a variety of options available, fans can personalize their devices and create visually striking home screens. Whether you choose minimalist designs or intricate artwork, incorporating Patrick Bateman wallpapers can cultivate an aesthetic that reflects your individuality. By regularly updating wallpapers and engaging with the fan community, users can keep their device's aesthetic fresh and stay connected with like-minded individuals. Get creative and enjoy the process of personalizing your iPhone with Patrick Bateman wallpaper!

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