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60 Blessed Tattoo Behind Ear

65 Best Blessed Tattoo Designs & Meanings Holy Symbols (2019)
65 Best Blessed Tattoo Designs & Meanings Holy Symbols (2019) from


Getting a tattoo is a personal and significant decision for many individuals. Tattoos can hold various meanings and symbolize different aspects of a person's life. One popular tattoo placement that has gained attention in recent years is the "blessed tattoo behind ear." This delicate and subtle tattoo design has become increasingly popular among men and women alike. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind the blessed tattoo behind the ear and discuss its significance in today's society.

The Symbolism of the Blessed Tattoo

1. Faith and Spirituality

The blessed tattoo behind the ear is often associated with faith and spirituality. For many individuals, this tattoo serves as a reminder of their connection to a higher power and the gratitude they have for the blessings in their lives. It can be a way to express one's religious beliefs or simply a way to acknowledge the presence of something greater than oneself.

2. Gratitude and Positivity

Another common meaning of the blessed tattoo is gratitude and positivity. This tattoo design is a visual representation of the appreciation one has for the blessings they have received in life. It serves as a constant reminder to stay positive and grateful, even in challenging times. It can also be a way to attract more blessings into one's life by focusing on the positive aspects.

3. Personal Growth and Transformation

Some individuals choose to get the blessed tattoo behind the ear as a symbol of personal growth and transformation. This tattoo represents the journey one has taken to overcome obstacles and become a better person. It serves as a reminder of the progress one has made and the blessings that have come along the way. It can be a powerful symbol of resilience and the ability to thrive in the face of adversity.

The Placement and Design

1. Behind the Ear

The placement of the blessed tattoo behind the ear is significant and adds to its appeal. This discreet location allows individuals to keep their tattoo hidden if desired while still having a personal reminder of their blessings. The behind-the-ear placement also adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to the tattoo, as it is not immediately visible to others.

2. Minimalistic Design

The design of the blessed tattoo behind the ear is often minimalistic and simple. Many individuals opt for small, delicate lettering or symbols that represent their desired meaning. The size and design of the tattoo can vary depending on personal preference, but the overall aesthetic is typically understated and elegant.

3. Additional Elements

While the blessed tattoo behind the ear is often minimalistic, some individuals choose to incorporate additional elements into their design. This can include symbols such as crosses, stars, or feathers, which further enhance the meaning and symbolism of the tattoo. It is essential to choose elements that hold personal significance to ensure the tattoo accurately represents the individual's beliefs and values.

The Process of Getting a Blessed Tattoo

1. Choosing a Tattoo Artist

When considering getting a blessed tattoo behind the ear, it is crucial to find a skilled and reputable tattoo artist. Take the time to research local artists and look at their portfolios to ensure their style aligns with your vision for the tattoo. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from friends or family members can also help in finding a trustworthy artist.

2. Consultation and Design

Before getting the tattoo, schedule a consultation with the chosen artist to discuss your ideas and desired design. The artist can provide valuable input and suggestions based on their expertise. Together, you can collaborate to create a design that accurately represents the meaning and symbolism you wish to convey with your blessed tattoo.

3. Tattooing Process

On the day of the tattoo appointment, the artist will prepare the area behind the ear by cleaning and sterilizing it. They will then apply a stencil of the chosen design onto the skin to ensure precision during the tattooing process. Using a tattoo machine, the artist will carefully and skillfully create the tattoo, taking breaks as needed to minimize discomfort. Once the tattoo is complete, the artist will provide aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing.

Taking Care of Your Blessed Tattoo

1. Follow Aftercare Instructions

After getting a blessed tattoo, it is essential to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the tattoo artist. This typically includes keeping the tattoo clean, avoiding direct sunlight, and applying a recommended ointment or moisturizer to aid in the healing process. Proper aftercare will help prevent infection and ensure the tattoo heals correctly.

2. Avoid Scratching or Picking at the Tattoo

While the tattoo is healing, it is vital to resist the urge to scratch or pick at it. This can disrupt the healing process and may lead to scarring or infection. If itching occurs, gently pat the area with clean hands instead of scratching.

3. Protect from Sun Exposure

Direct sunlight can fade and damage tattoos, so it is crucial to protect the blessed tattoo behind the ear from excessive sun exposure. When spending time outdoors, consider wearing a hat or using sunscreen with a high SPF to shield the tattooed area.


The blessed tattoo behind the ear holds deep personal meaning for many individuals. Whether it symbolizes faith, gratitude, or personal growth, this tattoo serves as a constant reminder of the blessings in one's life. With its discreet placement and minimalistic design, the tattoo offers a subtle yet powerful way to express one's beliefs and values. If you are considering getting a blessed tattoo behind the ear, take the time to research reputable tattoo artists and collaborate with them to create a design that accurately represents your desired meaning. Remember to follow proper aftercare instructions to ensure the tattoo heals correctly and continues to be a cherished symbol of blessings throughout your life.

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