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+26 Basement Tv Wall Ideas

My basement Board and batten feature tv wall Smallroomdesign Basement living rooms, Small
My basement Board and batten feature tv wall Smallroomdesign Basement living rooms, Small from


Having a TV in the basement can be a great way to create a cozy and entertaining space for you and your family. However, when it comes to designing the TV wall in your basement, it can be a bit challenging to come up with ideas that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In this article, we will explore some creative basement TV wall ideas that can transform your basement into a stylish and comfortable entertainment hub.

Choosing the Right TV

Before we dive into the various design ideas, it's important to consider the type of TV you'll be using. Depending on the size of your basement and your personal preferences, you may opt for a flat-screen TV, a projector, or even a wall-mounted TV. Choose a TV that suits your space and enhances your overall viewing experience.

Flat-Screen TV

If you prefer a sleek and modern look, a flat-screen TV is a great choice for your basement. These TVs come in various sizes and can be easily mounted on a wall or placed on a TV stand. Consider the size of your basement and the distance between the TV and seating area when selecting the right size for your flat-screen TV.


If you have a larger basement or want to recreate a movie theater experience, a projector can be an excellent option. With a projector, you can have a large screen size without sacrificing space. However, keep in mind that projectors require a dark environment for optimal viewing, so make sure your basement has proper lighting control.

Wall-Mounted TV

If you want to save floor space and create a more streamlined look, a wall-mounted TV is a fantastic choice. Wall-mounted TVs can be adjusted to the perfect viewing angle and can be paired with floating shelves or cabinets to create a stylish and functional TV wall.

Creating a Focal Point

One of the key elements in designing a basement TV wall is creating a focal point that draws attention to the TV. Here are some ideas to help you create a visually appealing focal point:

Accent Wall

Painting or wallpapering one wall in a bold color or pattern can instantly grab attention and create a focal point for your TV wall. Consider using dark, rich colors or textured wallpapers to add depth and visual interest to the space.

Stone or Brick Wall

If you want to add a touch of rustic charm to your basement, consider incorporating a stone or brick wall behind your TV. This natural element adds texture and creates a visually stunning backdrop for your TV. You can choose from various stone or brick veneer options to achieve the desired look.

Gallery Wall

If you're a fan of art or photography, why not create a gallery wall around your TV? Hang a collection of framed artwork or photographs that complement the overall style of your basement. This not only adds visual interest but also helps to disguise the TV when it's turned off.

Storage Solutions

A well-designed TV wall should also offer practical storage solutions to keep your media devices, cables, and other accessories organized. Here are some storage ideas to consider:

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a versatile and stylish option for displaying your media devices, books, and decorative items. They can be installed above or beside your TV to create a cohesive and functional TV wall. Choose shelves that match the overall style of your basement and consider incorporating LED lighting to enhance the visual appeal.

Built-In Cabinets

If you have a larger basement or want to maximize storage space, built-in cabinets are a great option. These cabinets can be customized to fit your specific needs, such as housing your DVD collection, gaming consoles, or sound system. Opt for cabinets with concealed doors to keep the clutter out of sight when not in use.

Media Console

If you prefer a more traditional approach, a media console can provide ample storage for your media devices and accessories. Look for a console that complements the style of your basement and has enough compartments and drawers to keep everything organized. Consider opting for a console with built-in cable management to keep the wires hidden and tidy.

Seating Arrangement

The layout of your basement TV wall should also take into consideration the seating arrangement. Here are some seating ideas to create a comfortable and inviting space:

Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa is an excellent choice for large basements as it provides ample seating and can be configured to fit the shape of your space. Look for a comfortable and durable sectional that can accommodate your family and guests. Consider adding throw pillows and blankets for added coziness.


If you're looking for a more intimate and personalized seating experience, consider adding recliners to your basement. Recliners provide individual comfort and can be positioned at the perfect angle for optimal TV viewing. Look for recliners with built-in cup holders and storage compartments for added convenience.

Bar Stools

If you have a basement bar or entertainment area, incorporating bar stools can create a casual and social atmosphere. Bar stools can be placed near a countertop or a high table, allowing you to enjoy drinks and snacks while watching your favorite shows or sports events.


Proper lighting is crucial in creating a cozy and inviting ambiance in your basement. Here are some lighting ideas to enhance your TV wall:

Dimmable Ceiling Lights

Installing dimmable ceiling lights can provide flexibility in setting the right mood for different activities. Dim the lights when you're watching a movie or playing video games to create a theater-like experience. Opt for LED lights to save energy and reduce heat emission.

LED Strip Lights

Adding LED strip lights behind your TV or along the edges of floating shelves can create a visually stunning effect. Choose LED lights with adjustable colors and brightness levels to match your desired ambiance. You can even sync the LED lights with your TV screen for an immersive viewing experience.

Table Lamps

If you have side tables or a media console near your TV, consider adding table lamps for a warm and cozy glow. Choose lamps with adjustable brightness levels and shades that complement the overall style of your basement.

Sound System

A good sound system is essential for an immersive TV viewing experience. Here are some sound system ideas for your basement:

Surround Sound Speakers

Investing in a surround sound system can take your TV viewing to the next level. Place speakers strategically around your basement to create a surround sound effect that enhances the audio quality of movies, shows, and games.


If you prefer a more compact and streamlined sound system, a soundbar can be a great option. Soundbars provide excellent audio quality without taking up too much space. Look for a soundbar that is compatible with your TV and offers features like Bluetooth connectivity and virtual surround sound.

Wireless Speakers

If you want the flexibility to move your speakers around or have a multi-room audio setup, wireless speakers are a convenient option. These speakers can be connected to your TV wirelessly, eliminating the need for complex wiring. Look for speakers that offer easy connectivity and customizable sound settings.


Designing the TV wall in your basement requires careful consideration of various elements, including the type of TV, creating a focal point, storage solutions, seating arrangement, lighting, and sound system. By incorporating these ideas into your basement design, you can create a functional and visually appealing space that is perfect for entertainment and relaxation.

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