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55 Jasper And Horace Costumes

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Welcome to our blog article on Jasper and Horace costumes! If you're a fan of the iconic Disney movie "101 Dalmatians," then you're probably familiar with these two bumbling henchmen. Jasper and Horace are the lackeys of the film's main antagonist, Cruella de Vil, and their costumes have become popular choices for Halloween and cosplay events. In this article, we'll take a closer look at these costumes, including their design, accessories, and tips for bringing these characters to life. So, let's dive in!

1. Who are Jasper and Horace?

Before we delve into their costumes, let's quickly recap who Jasper and Horace are. In "101 Dalmatians," Jasper and Horace are two dim-witted criminals who work for Cruella de Vil. They are tasked with stealing the dalmatian puppies to create fur coats for Cruella. Despite their villainous roles, they provide comic relief throughout the movie with their clumsy and comedic antics.

1.1 Jasper

Jasper is the taller and more intelligent of the duo. He is often seen wearing a green suit, white shirt, and a bowler hat. His distinguishing features include a pencil-thin mustache and a crooked nose. Jasper's personality is characterized by his quick thinking and ability to come up with cunning plans, although they often backfire due to his lack of attention to detail.

1.2 Horace

Horace, on the other hand, is shorter and stockier than Jasper. He has a larger build and is typically seen wearing a brown suit, a yellow shirt, and a flat cap. Horace is known for his simple-mindedness and gullibility, often being the one to fall for Jasper's schemes. He provides comic relief through his physical comedy and slapstick humor.

2. Designing the Jasper and Horace Costumes

Now that we have a clear picture of Jasper and Horace's appearance, let's talk about how to design their costumes. Whether you're creating the costumes from scratch or buying them online, attention to detail is key to capturing their unique looks.

2.1 Clothing

Start by choosing the right clothing pieces for each character. For Jasper, a green suit jacket paired with matching trousers is essential. Add a white button-up shirt and a bowler hat to complete the look. If you can find a suit with pinstripes, even better! As for Horace, a brown suit jacket and trousers, accompanied by a yellow shirt and a flat cap, will help you embody his character.

2.2 Accessories

Accessories play a crucial role in bringing Jasper and Horace to life. For Jasper, a bowler hat is a must-have accessory. You can also consider adding a fake pencil-thin mustache and a crooked nose to mimic his distinctive features. Horace, on the other hand, can be seen sporting a flat cap and a pair of round glasses. These accessories will instantly make you recognizable as the lovable henchmen.

3. DIY Jasper and Horace Costumes

If you're feeling crafty and want to create your own Jasper and Horace costumes, here are some DIY tips to get you started:

3.1 Sewing Skills

If you have basic sewing skills, you can easily create the clothing pieces for these costumes. Look for sewing patterns or tutorials online that can guide you in making the suit jackets, trousers, and shirts. Remember to choose the right fabric colors and patterns to match each character's attire.

3.2 Thrift Store Finds

Thrift stores can be a treasure trove for costume pieces. Look for vintage suits, shirts, and hats that closely resemble Jasper and Horace's outfits. With a little bit of alteration and accessorizing, you can transform these second-hand items into authentic-looking costumes.

4. Buying Jasper and Horace Costumes

If you prefer the convenience of buying ready-made costumes, there are several options available online. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect Jasper and Horace costumes:

4.1 Costume Retailers

Check out reputable costume retailers both online and in-store. They often carry licensed Disney costumes, including characters from "101 Dalmatians." Look for costumes that closely resemble Jasper and Horace's attire, paying attention to the design and quality of the materials.

4.2 Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay can be great sources for unique and handmade costumes. Many talented crafters sell their Jasper and Horace costume creations on these platforms. Make sure to read customer reviews and examine the product photos before making a purchase.

5. Bringing Jasper and Horace to Life

Once you have your Jasper and Horace costumes ready, it's time to bring these characters to life. Here are a few tips to help you fully embody their personalities:

5.1 Study Their Mannerisms

Watch "101 Dalmatians" closely and pay attention to Jasper and Horace's mannerisms. Observe how they walk, talk, and interact with each other and other characters. Practice imitating their gestures and speech patterns to add authenticity to your portrayal.

5.2 Embrace Their Comedic Side

Jasper and Horace are known for their comedic timing and slapstick humor. Embrace their silly and clumsy nature by incorporating physical comedy into your performance. Tripping over your own feet or dropping props can add an extra layer of humor to your portrayal.

6. Jasper and Horace Cosplay Events

Finally, let's talk about the various events where you can showcase your Jasper and Horace costumes:

6.1 Halloween Parties

Halloween parties are the perfect opportunity to flaunt your Jasper and Horace costumes. These iconic Disney characters will be instantly recognizable and are sure to be a hit among fellow partygoers. Plus, you'll have a blast reenacting their hilarious scenes throughout the night.

6.2 Comic Conventions

If you're a fan of cosplay, consider wearing your Jasper and Horace costumes to comic conventions. These events are a gathering of passionate fans who appreciate and celebrate all things pop culture. You'll be able to interact with fellow Disney enthusiasts and showcase your attention to detail in recreating these characters.

6.3 Disney-themed Events

Disney-themed events, such as D23 Expo or Disneybounding meetups, are also excellent opportunities to wear your Jasper and Horace costumes. You'll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your love for the Disney universe. It's a chance to connect with fellow Disney fans and create lasting memories.


Jasper and Horace costumes are a fantastic way to pay homage to the classic Disney movie "101 Dalmatians." Whether you choose to create your own costumes or purchase them, attention to detail is essential in capturing the essence of these beloved characters. By studying their mannerisms and embracing their comedic side, you'll be able to bring Jasper and Horace to life at various cosplay events. So, gather your fellow Disney enthusiasts, don your costumes, and get ready for a night of laughter and nostalgia!

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