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65 Skull Tattoos With Color

60 Best Skull Tattoos Meanings, Ideas and Designs 2019
60 Best Skull Tattoos Meanings, Ideas and Designs 2019 from


Skull tattoos have long been a popular choice for those seeking a bold and edgy design. The addition of color to these designs takes them to a whole new level, adding vibrancy and depth. In this article, we will explore the world of skull tattoos with color, discussing their meaning, popular styles, and tips for getting the perfect design.

The Symbolism Behind Skull Tattoos

Life and Death

Skulls have long been associated with the concept of life and death. In many cultures, they symbolize the impermanence of life and the reminder of our mortality. Adding color to a skull tattoo can further symbolize the cycle of life and the beauty that can be found even in the darkest moments.

Rebellion and Individuality

Skull tattoos are often chosen as a symbol of rebellion and individuality. They can represent a rejection of societal norms and a desire to live life on one's own terms. Adding color to a skull tattoo can enhance this symbolism, showcasing a vibrant and unique take on the traditional design.

Protection and Strength

In some cultures, skulls are believed to possess protective qualities. They are seen as warding off evil spirits and providing strength to the wearer. A colorful skull tattoo can amplify this symbolism, serving as a powerful talisman to guide and protect the individual.

Popular Styles of Skull Tattoos with Color

Traditional Skull Tattoos

The traditional style of tattooing often features bold lines and a limited color palette. Traditional skull tattoos with color typically incorporate shades of red, black, and green, creating a striking and timeless design. These tattoos often have a vintage feel, harkening back to the roots of tattoo culture.


Realistic skull tattoos with color aim to capture the intricate details of a human skull, creating a lifelike representation. Artists use a wide range of colors to bring depth and dimension to the design, resulting in a stunning and eye-catching tattoo.


Neo-traditional skull tattoos with color take inspiration from the traditional style but incorporate modern elements and techniques. These tattoos often feature bold and vibrant colors, alongside intricate linework and shading. The combination of old and new creates a unique and visually striking design.


Watercolor skull tattoos with color are characterized by their soft and fluid appearance. These tattoos mimic the look of watercolor paintings, with delicate brushstrokes and vibrant splashes of color. Watercolor skull tattoos often have a dreamy and ethereal quality, making them a popular choice for those seeking a more artistic and abstract design.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Skull Tattoo

Consider the Meaning

When choosing colors for your skull tattoo, it's important to consider the meaning behind each color. For example, red can symbolize passion and energy, while blue can represent tranquility and calmness. By selecting colors that resonate with you personally, you can infuse your tattoo with deeper significance.

Contrast and Balance

Creating contrast and balance is key to a visually appealing skull tattoo with color. Consider using complementary colors to make certain elements of the design stand out. For instance, pairing warm colors like orange and yellow with cool colors like blue and green can create a dynamic and eye-catching tattoo.

Consult with a Tattoo Artist

Before getting a skull tattoo with color, it's essential to consult with a professional tattoo artist. They can provide expert advice on color choices, placement, and design. A skilled tattoo artist will work with you to bring your vision to life and ensure that the colors chosen suit your skin tone and desired aesthetic.

Caring for Your Skull Tattoo with Color

Moisturize Regularly

Keeping your tattoo moisturized is crucial for maintaining its vibrancy and preventing color fading. Use a fragrance-free and gentle moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and promote proper healing. Avoid over-applying moisturizer, as this can lead to excessive moisture buildup and hinder the healing process.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

UV rays from the sun can cause the colors in your tattoo to fade over time. To protect your skull tattoo with color, avoid prolonged sun exposure, especially during peak hours. If you need to be in the sun, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF to the tattooed area.

Follow Proper Aftercare Instructions

After getting a skull tattoo with color, your tattoo artist will provide you with specific aftercare instructions. It's vital to follow these instructions carefully to promote proper healing and color retention. Avoid picking or scratching at the tattoo, and refrain from submerging it in water for extended periods.

Incorporating Skull Tattoos with Color into Your Style

Clothing Choices

When showcasing your skull tattoo with color, consider incorporating clothing that complements the design. Opt for neutral or monochromatic outfits to allow the tattoo to take center stage. Alternatively, choose clothing with colors that complement or match the colors in your tattoo for a cohesive and visually appealing look.

Accessorize Thoughtfully

Accessories can be a great way to enhance your skull tattoo with color. Consider wearing jewelry or other accessories that incorporate similar colors or motifs. This can help tie your overall look together and create a cohesive and stylish aesthetic.

Hairstyles and Makeup

Hairstyles and makeup can also be used to accentuate your skull tattoo with color. Experiment with different hair colors or styles that complement the colors in your tattoo. Additionally, consider using makeup to highlight certain features, such as using vibrant eyeshadow colors that match the colors in your tattoo.

Confidence is Key

Above all, the most important factor in incorporating a skull tattoo with color into your style is confidence. Embrace your tattoo as a unique and personal expression of yourself. When you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, your skull tattoo with color will naturally become a seamless part of your overall style.

In Conclusion

Skull tattoos with color offer a captivating and visually stunning take on this timeless design. Whether you choose a traditional, realistic, neo-traditional, or watercolor style, the addition of color can elevate the symbolism and aesthetic of your tattoo. By carefully choosing colors, caring for your tattoo, and incorporating it into your personal style, you can create a striking and meaningful skull tattoo with color that truly reflects your individuality.

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