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+26 Smudging Prayer To Remove Negative Energy

Cleansing Prayer Energy cleanse, Smudging prayer, Negative energy cleanse
Cleansing Prayer Energy cleanse, Smudging prayer, Negative energy cleanse from


Opening paragraph introducing the concept of smudging prayer and its purpose of removing negative energy.

What is smudging prayer?

Explanation of what smudging prayer is and its origins in various spiritual practices.

Why smudge?

Explanation of the reasons why people choose to smudge, including the belief in negative energy and the desire for spiritual cleansing.

Preparing for Smudging

Choosing the right materials

Recommendations for the specific tools needed for smudging, such as sage bundles, feathers, and abalone shells.

Setting the intention

The importance of setting a clear intention before starting the smudging process, including the desired outcome and the energy you wish to create.

Cleansing yourself

Instructions on how to cleanse yourself before smudging, including taking a shower or bath and wearing clean, comfortable clothing.

The Smudging Process

Preparing the sage bundle

Detailed instructions on how to prepare the sage bundle for smudging, including lighting the bundle and allowing it to smolder.

Smudging yourself

Step-by-step guide on how to smudge yourself, including using the sage bundle to fan the smoke over your body, focusing on areas of tension or negativity.

Smudging your space

Instructions on how to smudge your living space, including moving clockwise around each room and focusing on areas that feel heavy or stagnant.

Using additional tools

Exploration of other tools that can be used during smudging, such as feathers for directing the smoke and abalone shells for holding the sage bundle.

Prayers and Intentions

Choosing a smudging prayer

Suggestions for selecting a smudging prayer that resonates with you, including traditional prayers from different cultures and personal affirmations.

Creating your own prayer

Encouragement to create your own smudging prayer that reflects your personal beliefs and intentions.

Closing the Ceremony

Thanking the spirits

Expressing gratitude to the spirits or higher powers you believe in for their assistance in removing negative energy.

Closing the ceremony

Explaining the importance of formally closing the smudging ceremony, such as extinguishing the sage bundle and expressing a final intention.


Disposing of the remnants

Guidance on how to properly dispose of the used sage bundle and any other materials used during the smudging process.

Self-care practices

Recommendations for self-care practices after smudging, such as taking a relaxing bath, meditating, or practicing mindfulness.

When to smudge

Regular smudging

Suggestions for incorporating regular smudging into your spiritual practice, such as weekly or monthly rituals.

In times of negativity

Advice on when to smudge during times of increased negativity, such as after an argument, a stressful event, or when moving into a new space.


Closing paragraph emphasizing the benefits of smudging prayer in removing negative energy and promoting spiritual well-being.

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