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50 Snl Jeopardy Sean Connery Quotes

Snl Jeopardy Sean Connery Quotes
Snl Jeopardy Sean Connery Quotes from

SNL Jeopardy Sean Connery Quotes


Since its inception in 1975, Saturday Night Live (SNL) has become a cultural phenomenon, known for its hilarious sketches and memorable characters. One of the most beloved recurring sketches on the show is "Celebrity Jeopardy," where famous personalities compete in a parody of the iconic game show. One of the standout characters from these sketches is Sean Connery, portrayed by the talented Darrell Hammond. Connery's witty remarks and mischievous antics have made him a fan favorite, and his quotes have become legendary in the SNL lexicon. In this article, we will explore some of the most memorable Sean Connery quotes from SNL Jeopardy.

"S Words"

One of the most iconic SNL Jeopardy sketches featuring Sean Connery is the "S Words" category. In this sketch, Connery continuously misreads the category title, turning it into a series of inappropriate innuendos. His unforgettable quote from this sketch is, "I'll take 'S Words' for $200, Trebek. That's S words, not sword. You know what I mean, Trebek? S words. Like 'suck it'!" This quote perfectly captures Connery's playful and mischievous nature, and it has become a fan favorite.

"Famous Titles"

In another SNL Jeopardy sketch, the category is "Famous Titles," where the contestants must guess the titles of famous books based on their descriptions. Once again, Sean Connery takes the opportunity to make a cheeky remark. When presented with the description of the book "The Pen is Mightier," Connery confidently answers, "I'll take 'The Rapists' for $200." This unexpected and hilarious response showcases Connery's knack for clever wordplay and his ability to keep the audience in stitches.

"An Album Cover"

In one particularly memorable SNL Jeopardy sketch, the category is "An Album Cover." The contestants are shown images of famous album covers, and they must correctly identify the artist and album. When presented with the cover of the Rolling Stones' album "Sticky Fingers," Sean Connery quips, "I'll take 'Sticky Fingers' for $400, Trebek. That's what I call my Saturday nights." This quote perfectly exemplifies Connery's ability to transform innocent topics into amusing double entendres, leaving both the other contestants and the audience in stitches.

"Colorful Characters"

In another SNL Jeopardy sketch, the category is "Colorful Characters," where the contestants must identify fictional characters associated with specific colors. When presented with the clue "This character from 'The Wizard of Oz' is known for wearing red shoes," Sean Connery confidently answers, "Who is Mr. Rogers?" This unexpected and comical response perfectly encapsulates Connery's penchant for intentionally incorrect answers, injecting a delightful sense of chaos and humor into the game.

"Potent Potables"

One of the most memorable and oft-quoted SNL Jeopardy sketches is the "Potent Potables" category. In this sketch, the contestants are given clues about alcoholic beverages, and they must provide the correct response. When presented with the clue "This cocktail is made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice," Sean Connery hilariously responds, "What is 'The Penis Mightier,' Trebek?" This clever play on words, combining the mispronunciation of "pen is" from a previous sketch with the category title, showcases Connery's quick wit and ability to create laughter out of unexpected situations.


In one SNL Jeopardy sketch, the category is "Therapists," where the contestants must identify famous therapists based on their descriptions. When presented with the description of a well-known therapist, Sean Connery confidently answers, "I'll take 'Anal Bum Cover' for $400." This quote perfectly exemplifies Connery's ability to turn innocent topics into humorous and irreverent responses, catching both the host, Alex Trebek (played by Will Ferrell), and the audience off guard.

"The Rapists"

In a classic SNL Jeopardy sketch, the category is "The Rapists," where the contestants must identify famous people whose names sound like "therapists." When presented with the clue "This famous physicist developed the theory of general relativity," Sean Connery humorously responds, "Who is 'The Rapists' for $800?" This clever wordplay and intentional misinterpretation of the category title perfectly showcase Connery's ability to inject humor into any situation, no matter how inappropriate.

"Final Jeopardy"

At the end of each SNL Jeopardy sketch, the contestants participate in the final round, where they write down their wagers and responses. Sean Connery's final responses in these rounds are often witty and unexpected. In one sketch, when presented with the category "Letters That Begin with 'A'," Connery's response is simply "A! A!" This comical response subverts the expectations of the game, showcasing Connery's ability to inject humor into even the most straightforward of challenges.


SNL Jeopardy has provided countless moments of laughter and joy over the years, and Sean Connery's portrayal of the mischievous contestant has undoubtedly contributed to its enduring popularity. His clever wordplay, witty remarks, and unexpected responses have made him an iconic character in the SNL universe, and his quotes from these sketches continue to be celebrated by fans. Whether it's misreading categories, intentionally incorrect answers, or cheeky innuendos, Sean Connery's quotes from SNL Jeopardy will always hold a special place in the hearts of comedy lovers everywhere.

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