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+26 My Little Pony Base Alicorn

Alicorn Base by AskThePonyQueen on DeviantArt
Alicorn Base by AskThePonyQueen on DeviantArt from


Welcome to the world of My Little Pony! In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of My Little Pony Base Alicorns. These enchanting creatures have captivated the hearts of both children and adults alike. Join us as we dive into the magical realm of My Little Pony and learn all about these unique and beloved characters.

What are Base Alicorns?

Base Alicorns are a special type of My Little Pony that combines the features of both unicorns and pegasus ponies. They possess both a horn and wings, making them incredibly powerful and versatile creatures. Base Alicorns are known for their elegance, grace, and magical abilities.

Origin of Base Alicorns

The concept of Base Alicorns was introduced in the popular television series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The character Princess Celestia, who is the ruler of Equestria, is portrayed as a Base Alicorn. Her sister, Princess Luna, is also an Alicorn. These characters played a significant role in popularizing the concept of Base Alicorns.

The Appeal of Base Alicorns

Base Alicorns have captured the hearts of fans all over the world for several reasons. Here are a few factors that contribute to their appeal:

Power and Magic

The combination of both horn and wings makes Base Alicorns incredibly powerful. They possess a wide range of magical abilities, including the ability to manipulate the weather, cast spells, and even raise and lower the sun and moon. This combination of power and magic makes Base Alicorns truly captivating.

Unique Design

Base Alicorns have a distinct and visually appealing design. With their majestic wings, elegant horns, and beautiful coats, they stand out from other pony characters. Their unique appearance adds to their allure and makes them instantly recognizable.

Personality Traits

Base Alicorns are often portrayed as wise, compassionate, and kind-hearted characters. They are seen as leaders and protectors, always striving to maintain peace and harmony in the world of My Little Pony. Their positive personality traits make them relatable and beloved by fans of all ages.


Base Alicorns, particularly Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, serve as important role models for young viewers. They showcase the importance of friendship, responsibility, and the pursuit of knowledge. Their representation in the show has resonated with fans, inspiring them to emulate these positive qualities in their own lives.

Popular Base Alicorn Characters

Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular Base Alicorn characters in the world of My Little Pony:

Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia is the ruler of Equestria and one of the most iconic Base Alicorn characters. Known for her radiant personality and wisdom, she is a beloved figure in the My Little Pony universe. Princess Celestia's role as a mentor and guide to the main characters in the show has made her a fan favorite.

Princess Luna

Princess Luna, also known as Nightmare Moon, is another prominent Base Alicorn character. Initially portrayed as the antagonist, she undergoes a transformation and becomes a beloved figure in the series. Princess Luna's tale of redemption and her struggles with her own inner demons resonate with many fans.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle, the main character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, also becomes a Base Alicorn. Her journey from a student of Princess Celestia to a powerful Alicorn princess is a central storyline in the series. Twilight Sparkle's character development and growth have made her a fan favorite.

Flurry Heart

Flurry Heart is a unique Base Alicorn character introduced in later seasons of the show. As the daughter of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, she possesses incredible magic and is often portrayed as mischievous yet adorable. Flurry Heart has quickly become a beloved character among My Little Pony fans.

Collecting Base Alicorn Figures

If you're a fan of Base Alicorns, you might be interested in starting a collection of My Little Pony figures. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Research and Rarity

Before diving into collecting Base Alicorn figures, it's essential to do some research. Familiarize yourself with the different characters and versions available. Some figures may be rare or limited edition, making them more valuable to collectors.

Condition and Packaging

When collecting Base Alicorn figures, pay attention to the condition of the figures and their packaging. Mint condition figures and packaging are highly sought after by collectors and may increase the value of your collection over time.

Display and Storage

Consider how you plan to display and store your Base Alicorn figures. There are various options available, including display cases, shelves, or dedicated cabinets. Properly storing and showcasing your collection will help preserve its condition and make it a visually appealing display.

Community and Events

Engage with the My Little Pony community and attend events such as conventions or meetups. These gatherings provide opportunities to meet fellow fans, share your love for Base Alicorns, and even discover rare or exclusive figures that may not be readily available elsewhere.


Base Alicorns have become an integral part of the My Little Pony universe, captivating fans with their power, magic, and unique design. Whether you're a collector or simply a fan of the show, these enchanting characters continue to inspire and bring joy to fans of all ages. Embrace the magic and immerse yourself in the world of My Little Pony Base Alicorns!

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