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+26 Elf On The Shelf Fishing

Gone Fishing!! The elf, Elf on the shelf, Gone fishing
Gone Fishing!! The elf, Elf on the shelf, Gone fishing from


Welcome to our blog! Today, we are diving into the whimsical world of "Elf on the Shelf Fishing." If you're unfamiliar with this delightful holiday tradition, let us fill you in. The Elf on the Shelf is a beloved character that visits homes during the Christmas season. It is said that these mischievous little elves report back to Santa each night, ensuring that children are behaving themselves. One popular way to showcase your elf's adventures is through fishing-themed setups. In this article, we'll explore some creative ideas and tips to make your elf's fishing escapades truly magical. Let's get started!

1. Setting the Scene

1.1 Selecting a Fishing Spot

Choose a location in your home where your elf can go fishing. This could be a decorative fishbowl, a bathtub, or even a miniature pond you've created. Consider the size and accessibility of the spot to ensure that your elf can easily navigate it.

1.2 Creating a Fishing Rod

Gather materials like toothpicks, string, and a small magnet to create a miniature fishing rod for your elf. Attach the string to the toothpick and tie the magnet at the end. This will allow your elf to "catch" items during their fishing adventures.

2. Fishing Props

2.1 Miniature Fish

Add some excitement to your elf's fishing escapades with miniature fish props. These can be found at craft stores or even made using colorful paper or felt. Place them in the fishing spot to create the illusion of a lively fishing environment.

2.2 Tiny Fishing Tackle

Enhance the realism of your elf's fishing setup by adding tiny fishing tackle, such as hooks, bobbers, and a fishing net. These can be crafted using paper or purchased from specialty dollhouse stores. Arrange them strategically to make the scene come to life.

3. Elf Fishing Activities

3.1 Fishing for Letters

Encourage your child's literacy skills by having your elf go fishing for letters of the alphabet. Create small paper fish with letters written on them and let your child "catch" them with their elf's fishing rod. This can be a fun way to practice spelling and letter recognition.

3.2 Fishing for Treats

Surprise your child with a special treat by having your elf go fishing for small candies or snacks. Attach them to the magnet at the end of the fishing rod and let your child discover the tasty "catch" left by their elf.

4. Fishing Surprises

4.1 Elf Fishing Contest

Create a friendly competition by setting up a fishing contest between your elf and another toy or stuffed animal. Use a small bucket or container to keep track of the "catches" and declare a winner at the end of the day. This can add an element of excitement and anticipation to your child's daily elf sightings.

4.2 Underwater Adventure

Transform your elf's fishing spot into an underwater wonderland by adding blue food coloring or blue cellophane to create the illusion of water. Add some plastic seaweed, shells, and even a toy fish or two to complete the scene. Your child will be amazed by the magical underwater world their elf has discovered.

5. Elf Fishing Stories

5.1 Fishing Tales from the North Pole

Engage your child's imagination by crafting fishing stories about the adventures your elf has had at the North Pole. You can create a small book or tell the stories orally during bedtime. This can be a wonderful way to foster creativity and storytelling skills.

5.2 Elf's Fishing Diary

Encourage your child to write or draw their own fishing diary, documenting the daily fishing adventures of their elf. This can be a fun way to practice writing and storytelling while also creating lasting memories of the holiday season.

6. Elf Fishing Safety Tips

6.1 Supervision is Key

Always supervise your child when they are interacting with their elf's fishing setup. Ensure that small fishing props, like hooks or magnets, are kept out of reach of younger children to prevent any accidents.

6.2 Use Child-Safe Materials

When creating fishing props or decorations, opt for child-safe materials that are non-toxic and age-appropriate. Avoid using small objects that could be a choking hazard.


Elf on the Shelf Fishing is a delightful way to add a touch of magic to the holiday season. By setting the scene, incorporating fishing props, and engaging in fishing-themed activities, you can create memorable experiences for your child. Remember to prioritize safety and supervision throughout the process. We hope these ideas inspire you to create your own enchanting elf fishing adventures!

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