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45 N Scale Track Plans 3x6

Lewis' N scale 3x6 layout Model railroad layouts plansModel railroad layouts plans
Lewis' N scale 3x6 layout Model railroad layouts plansModel railroad layouts plans from


Welcome to the world of N scale model trains! If you're a fan of model railroading and are looking to create your own layout, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll be discussing N scale track plans specifically designed for a 3x6-foot space. This compact size is perfect for those with limited space or those who want a smaller layout to focus on. So, let's dive in and explore some exciting track plan options!

Considering the Space

Before we start planning our track layout, it's important to take into consideration the limitations of a 3x6-foot space. While it may seem small, there are still plenty of possibilities to create an engaging and realistic layout. However, we need to be mindful of the available space and make smart choices to optimize the design.

Measuring the Space

The first step is to measure the actual dimensions of your 3x6-foot area. This will give you a clear idea of the space you have to work with and help you visualize the layout better.

Deciding on the Track Configuration

Next, you need to decide on the track configuration you want to incorporate into your layout. There are several options to choose from, including oval, figure-eight, point-to-point, and more. Each configuration has its own advantages and can create different operational possibilities.

Considering Scenery and Structures

When planning your N scale track layout, keep in mind the scenery and structures you want to include. While a 3x6-foot space may not allow for extensive scenery, you can still add small details and create an immersive environment for your trains.

Track Plan Ideas

Now that we have an understanding of the space limitations and considerations, let's explore some track plan ideas that are specifically designed for a 3x6-foot layout.

Oval Track Plan

An oval track plan is a classic choice for model train layouts. It's simple, easy to build, and provides continuous operation for your trains. In a 3x6-foot space, you can create an oval track with two parallel straight sections connected by curved sections at each end.

Figure-Eight Track Plan

If you're looking for a track plan that offers more variety and interaction, a figure-eight layout is a great option. This design features two intersecting loops that form the shape of an eight. By carefully arranging the curves and straight sections, you can maximize the use of your 3x6-foot space.

Point-to-Point Track Plan

A point-to-point track plan is an interesting choice for those who want to create a specific scenario or theme. This design involves having a defined starting point and destination for your trains, mimicking real-life railroad operations. In a 3x6-foot space, you can create a track that goes from one end to the other, with sidings and spurs for additional operational possibilities.

Switching Yard Track Plan

If you enjoy the intricacies of switching operations, a switching yard track plan might be right up your alley. This layout focuses on creating a small yard with multiple tracks, where trains can be sorted, coupled, and decoupled. With careful planning and the right choice of turnouts, you can fit a compact switching yard into your 3x6-foot space.

Double-Track Loop Track Plan

If you prefer a more complex track plan, consider a double-track loop layout. This design features two parallel tracks that form a continuous loop, allowing for simultaneous operation of multiple trains. With proper spacing and curve radii, you can fit a double-track loop into your 3x6-foot space without compromising the aesthetics.

Tips for Designing Your Layout

Now that you have some track plan ideas for your N scale 3x6-foot layout, here are some additional tips to help you design a functional and visually appealing layout:

Use Track Planning Software

Track planning software can be a valuable tool in visualizing and experimenting with different track configurations. It allows you to try out various options without physically building them, saving you time and effort.

Consider the Minimum Curve Radius

N scale trains require a minimum curve radius to operate smoothly without derailing. Be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations for the specific trains you plan to run and design your layout accordingly.

Create Varied Elevations

To add visual interest to your layout, consider incorporating different elevations. You can create small hills, valleys, or even bridges to break up the flatness of the terrain. Just be mindful of the space available and avoid excessive slopes that may cause operational issues.

Experiment with Track Arrangement

Don't be afraid to experiment with different track arrangements before settling on a final design. Rearranging the tracks can give you a better sense of how they will flow and interact with each other. It's all about finding the right balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Consider Wiring and Control

When planning your layout, don't forget to consider the wiring and control system. Determine if you want to use analog or digital control, and plan accordingly. Properly wiring your layout will ensure smooth operation and minimize potential issues down the line.

Add Realistic Details

While a 3x6-foot space may not allow for extensive scenery, you can still add realistic details to enhance the overall look of your layout. Consider incorporating miniature buildings, vehicles, people, and other elements that bring your model railroad to life.


Designing an N scale track layout for a 3x6-foot space can be a rewarding and engaging experience. By considering the space limitations, track configurations, and other factors, you can create a layout that fits your interests and operational preferences. Whether you choose a classic oval, a figure-eight, or a more complex design, remember to have fun and let your creativity guide you. Happy modeling!

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