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Juli-Andra Fuentes – Chair

Juli-Andra Fuentes Chair

A Colorado native, Juli-Andra was inspired by her father, Joseph Fuentes, who was the Editor of the Rocky Mountain News and President of the Denver Press Club when news was real. Juli-Andra is passionate about saving and maintaining freedom, liberty and personal rights.

She attended Denver West High School, Community College of Denver for EMS, Denver University for Religious Studies and Metropolitan State University for Psychology. Juli-Andra is setting aside working on a degree in IT from CSU Global for now in order to take on this monumental effort to recall Polis, Colorado’s radical and socialist Governor.

Mandy Nelson – Vice-Chair

Mandy Nelson

Mandy (Amanda) Nelson was born and raised in Colorado. She graduated from Loveland High School in 1998. Mandy started her career in the United States Air Force in January 1998 as an Aerospace Medical Services Technician and retired from the Wyoming Air National Guard. She served overseas for five years and deployed in support of Operation’s Northern Watch, Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. Mandy is an Afghanistan War Veteran. She resides in her hometown of Loveland. 

Mandy has no formal experience in politics, though is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.  As a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, Mandy was sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United states, and still feels very passionate about that.

As vice-chair of the Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis Issue Committee, Mandy has put in many hours and is dedicated to continuing to putting in the hours to make this recall a success. She will be hosting signing events and gathering petition signatures in her home area of Larimer County.

Lisa Pascoe – Secretary

Lisa Pasco – Secretary

Lisa has had a love for politics since she was a teen. She has been part of recruiting for COWINS and hasn’t been interested in the political process of government until the last few years. Understandably, Lisa feels it is time for the silent majority to stand up and be heard!

As Secretary of the Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis committee, Lisa is also dedicated to putting in the hours it will take to make this recall a success. She is passionate about leaving a better, safer and stronger state for future generations.

Coming from a family that is 6 generations of Coloradans, Lisa graduated from Canon City, Colorado in 1984. Lisa is a veteran of the Navy and loves her county. She loves God, her family, and her doxies. She has a Degree in Criminal Justice and worked for the Colorado Department of Corrections for approximately 11 years.

Jason Williamson – Board Member

Jason Williamson hails from California, but moved to Colorado with his family in 1991. He lost his biological mother to cancer when he was only 3 years old, and he attributes this life tragedy to making him a fighter and the necessity to remain strong to survive! His father served 3 tours in Vietnam, and Jason himself tried to enlist, but health issues prevented him from serving.

He has been heavily involved with farming and dairy operations in western Colorado between the ages of 14 and 18. Having experienced a very strong upbringing, focusing on hard work and taking care of family and community, Jason still believes in working hard to support his family and helping his neighbors and community as much as possible.

Jason is a strong supporter of the United States and Colorado State constitutions, believing all rights are guaranteed by these constitutions. He is an advocate for freedom of speech, gun rights, and the electoral college. Jason embarked on this fight to help Colorado Citizens, and feels the time is now to take Colorado back. “This isn’t a divided fight and isn’t tied to one political party. This is an effort for all Coloradans.”

Jason’s father instilled in him the belief, “Give more than you receive”. “If you want something, you have to work for it! Nothing is free and we must not take our freedoms for granted.”

Renee McGill – Lead Weld County

ORCGJP Officers, Leads, Consultants and Legal

Who is Shane Donnelley, the Organizer of the largest private membership group in CO, and a Manager of ORCGJP. Shane is a Colorado native with a strong motivation to Save Colorado!

Janet Rost has been in the Oil and Gas industry for over 40 years and brings a wealth of expert knowledge and professionalism to our team.

We hired Scott Gessler in the beginning of April, 2019 to be our legal counsel. Mr. Gessler was the Secretary of State between 2011 and 2015. He brings with him excellent experience and counsel for all things political and election related.

  • Judy Workman – State Moderator
  • Jim Morton- State Moderator
  • Vacant – Lead Jefferson County
  • Regina Cheyney – Officer Boulder County
  • LaDonna Robertson – Lead El Paso County
  • Karla Bradley – Weld County and Friends of Colorado Moderator
  • Susie Brueggeman – Lead Phillips and Yuma County
  • Kathryn DeRhodes – Lead Arapahoe County
  • Angie Purdy – Lead Larimer County
  • Rob Frick – Lead Washington and Logan County
  • Mandi Breuer – Montrose County
  • Cameron Snell – Lead Larimer County
  • Cassandra Cooper – Adams County
  • Darrin Moore – Larimer County
  • Donna Como – Fremont County
  • Donna Darling – Weld County
  • Dorene Faye Brandsoy – Fremont County
  • Erika Horner – Jefferson County
  • Jeannie Melcher – Fremont County
  • Kolleen White – Weld County
  • Kyrstin Vanatta – Weld County
  • Regina Marr Cheyney _ Boulder County
  • Renee McGill – Weld County
  • Robyn McMillen – Garfield County
  • Skip McDonald – Lead Garfield County
  • Tabitha Reeves – Lead Otero County
  • Tammy Middlemiss – Fremont County
  • Theresa Martens – Arapahoe County
  • And Many – many more AMAZING Volunteers

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